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Thank you so much Satu!

“Great experience!!!” Reviewed by Satu A Dec 25, 2017

 I stayed at PoyaLisa resort in Bomba and met Michael from Togeanadventures there. I ended up doing few dives with him and it was just excellent expirience. He share a lot of information before and after the dive and show a lot of interesting things while diving. His knowledge about marine life but also local culture is amazing! Everything was organized perfectly and very flexible way. We could decide when we wanted to go and how many dives we wanted to do. He is very safety oriented and also take the local conditions into account so if the dive site did not seem to be safe to dive due to currents etc. we change the plan. Very good experience!! I can highly recommend!


Thanks a lot Naomi !

“Very relaxed dive experience!”  Reviewed by vanlessennaomi Dec 14, 2017

 I went for a dive with Michael in the gorgeous Togeans after not diving for several years following a bit of a traumatic dive experience. I told myself I would only dive on my trip in Sulawesi in case I would find a person that seemed trustworthy and confident. When I met Michael I explained to him that I really wanted to go diving but that I also was very nervous about it. While some other dive instructors or masters reacted in a joking or denying way, Michael listened to me and gave me the feeling I could really trust him to take good care of me under water. This feeling was more than justified! We went to a gorgeous atoll and on his boat he gave a detailed explanation of everything that would happen and how the different stages of the dive would look like. I have never felt better under water! He checked regularly if everything was ok and pointed out interesting stuff all around us, also using his note board to tell me the names of the fish, nudis, weeds, sponges, shrimps, etc. Additionally, all the dive gear was in impeccable state. It was a wonderful experience and I would not doubt a second to dive again with this experienced and knowledgeable dive instructor!
Thank You so much Laurent: Reviewed by Laurent H Dec 14, 2017
C est la 1ère fois que j’ai fait de la plongée. J ai toujours eu peur de plonger (claustrophobie, panique). Mickael a su me rassurer et a été très patient. Je pense qu avec un autre moniteur, j aurai abandonné. Sécurité, suivi, matériel parfait.

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