How to get to the Togean Islands

Sulawesi Indonesia

Central Sulawesi


in central Sulawesi Indonesia. Main port to enter the national park is Ampana. Every day the Hercules speed boat leaves Ampana around 9 am to Wakai the biggest village in Togeans. A bigger boat leaves Ampana 10 am. Another way to go to the Togean Islands is to fly to Gorontalo. The Gorontalo – Wakai ferry goes 3 times a week Tuesday, Friday and Sundays at 5pm from Gorontalo and arrives to Wakai next morning around 5am. Togeanadventures is situated near Katupat which can be reached by public boat every day from Ampana or Wakai. And from Dolong or Malenge every other day.

Our place is called Kogutu and it is a 1.5 hectare area in the heart of Togean Islands central Sulawesi Indonesia.