First ever Togean Islands campground gratis

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusyoutubetumblrinstagram is happy to announce the start of the first free camping site in the Togean Islands central Sulawesi. We supply a number of tends and cooking equipment. With our ecological compost toilet and Rainwater on site you will have a truly memorable and natural experience. Situated in a tropical untouched and remote area in the heart of Togean Islands.
We are only 10 minutes away by boat to the Jellyfish lake and Karina beach. You can get to our place every day from Ampana, Wakai or Malenge with Waburabura or Touna Express boat stopping at Katupat village. Looking forward to seeing you. Togeanadventures.comWamburabura fast boat cruises between Ampana – Wakai – Katupat – Malenge – Dolong and back.Karina BeachJellyfish lake New jettyTeluk Baulu near


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