Dive Sites around Kadidiri Togean Islands


Kota Wall

A partially sloop wall dive. Enjoy a suitable site for any
level of experience. This location offers a variety of different marine
life such as Fan corals, snapper schools, soft and hard corals and some
very nice overhangs.

The Gap

An “opening” of the barrier near to a plateau with white sandy
bottom and many coral blocks along the barrier. The Gap is know for its
currants and schooling fish such as Barracuda, Surgeon fish and
Snappers. Often here we see Reef Rays, Eagle Rays and Reef sharks.

Mini Canyon

A pinnacle starting at 12 Meters going down to 40 Meters
separated from the barrier by the Canyon. This place can be dived in
various ways. Including a drop down to ” The Crack” at 45 meters for
experienced divers. Typically seen here are beautiful soft coral,
Nudibranches, Large Groupers, Eagle Ray, Turtles and Snapper schools.

Taipi Wall/ Dominiks Rock

An outstanding wall dive with Overhangs, and
sloops. Taipi wall is the most northern point of the barrier and ends
into the coral garden toward the north east. Dominiks Rock lies at
deeper waters starting at 30 Meters. With its superb coral grows on top
and its drops at 40 Meters you will see down to the sandy deeper drop
off at 60-70 meters. Often with extreme clear waters and schools of
Jack fish. The rock will be dived with a number of irregular rock
formation on the way.

Batu Gila: An exceptional deep dive!! Only for advanced Divers with minimum of 50 dives. Shallowest point is 27 Meters. Recommended to dive around half moon only, because of its strong currents. Personally for me the best dive in the Togean Islands! Lot’s of Grey Reef sharks. Large schools of Big Eye Trevallys. Barracudas, Big Tuna including the dog tooth Tuna! Surgeon fish schools and Rainbow runners. I saw a group of 13 Hammerhead sharks here. Also the Leather back turtle which is the largest turtle in the sea.

Reef Number 5 in Malenge: Plateau with fringed reef and wall. Superb coral! Large variation of hard coral. Many Bumphead Parrot Fish and all the time there are eagle rays. Super nice dive with very clear water. Only 20 minutes away from Lestari Resort in Malenge