Dive Batu Gila

Wednesday 10th August 2016 we have dived Batu Gila. Only Albert and me went down to the hidden Rock. Swimming for 2 minutes we were greeted by a large school of Rainbow runners. Currant was strong despite the near half moon phase. Water going up the currant goes from East to West. At the West site of Batu Gila the depth is around 38 Meters. Diving against the currant we meet a large Eagle ray on the outer northern reef. Other sightings were thousands of big eye trevallys,schools of surgeonfish, Tuna, Barracudas. Bottom time was 15 minutes, dive time 48 minutes, decompression stop 25 minutes, max depth 36,6 meters. Coming up with 100 bar.

Most important on this dive is safety!! I do extended stops at 12, 9, 6, and 3 meters. Max depth for me on this dive is 52 meters, max. Bottom time 20 Minutes or 100 Bar in the tank. I got my experience to do Decompression dives  from the famous Sophie Rickmers wreck in Pulau Weh Sabang Aceh. The profile is a combination from US Navy decompression tables and suunto dive computers. Deep stops are reduced while shallow stops are extended.

Batu Gila: An exceptional deep dive!! Only for advanced Divers with minimum of 50 dives. Shallowest point is 27 Meters. Recommended to dive around half moon only, because of its strong currents. Personally for me the best dive in the Togean Islands! Lot’s of Grey Reef sharks. Large schools of Big Eye Trevally. Barracudas, Big Tuna including the dog tooth Tuna! Surgeon fish schools and Rainbow runners. I saw a group of 13 Hammerhead sharks here. Also the Leather backed turtle which is the largest turtle in the sea.

If you like to do this dive with us, please come for a deep check dive first. We will take you to Dominiks Rock in order to check your air consumption and Nitrogen resistance. You need a minimum of 50 logged dives and deep dive experience. Come and discover the best dive in Togean Islands. No other place has the amount of large fish.


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  1. Georg

    Thanks for the nice dives, and specially for Batu Gila. It was relly fun to ge around with Michael and dive in private atmosphere to places where some other people cant reach. Ofcourse weve seen there big groups of big fish. And i guess the hammerheads where hiding somewhere behind the grays. Was a nice deep dive. 44m, low current and for safety first! really long stops in shallow empty blue.

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